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Created and recorded in the Netherlands, this album brings a new and elegant reading of the traditional Brazilian Choro. One can identify different influences, rhythms and styles that result in an eclectic musical mosaic, in ten original compositions. Besides the Flute, the 7-string guitar (with a light Lusitanian touch) and Pandeiro, the group also uses other instruments such as the Piccolo, Electric Guitar, Harpsichord, Piano, Fender Rhodes and the voice in a thrilling and irreverent explosion of creativity and good taste.

If musical notes were letters and made words, it would be easy to find some such as "smile", "happiness", "sensitivity" and "talent" mixed with other less emotional ones such as "accuracy" and "skill" and "technique". It would be easy to find them either randomly or in sentences, untranslatable ones; but which, in the meantime, give us goose bumps, send a shiver down our spine or stir tears in experiencing something so beautiful. It is very easy to feel all of this throbbing in the chords of these songs. It all looks like a game. So it seems. If we pay attention, we discover studied sounds, carefully selected, that rake in the musicians’ experience with classical music, jazz and early music harmoniously intertwining them and using, as a foundation, a common passion: Brazilian music. That's how time passes, or how we pass it, privileged, when we venture to listen to this delightful work by Trio Bola Preta. 

José Maurício de Oliveira Neto 



Trio Bola Preta

Mariana Bruekers: Flute, piccolo and vocals

Francisco Medina: 7-string Guitar, electric guitar, cavaquinho and vocals

Elizabeth Fadel: Pandeiro, percussion, piano, harpsichord, fender rhodes and vocals


Guests Musicians:

Marijn van der Linden: Cavaquinho

Ceumar Coelho: Vocals

Raí Toffoletto: Vocals


Recorded and mixed between April and June 2014 at the Orange Studio Amsterdam

Recording and mixing engineer: Ben Mendes

Mastering: Marc Broer

Production: Mariana Bruekers

Arrangements: Trio Bola Preta

Graphic Design: Antonio Ribeiro

Photos: Raí Toffoleto, Blas Regnault, Pieter van Roijen

Caricature: Fernando Pereira

Translations: Melissa Oliveira



1. Choro da Aranha – Francisco Medina

2. Nunca Mais – Elizabeth Fadel

3. Santo Marijn – Elizabeth Fadel

4. Cólicas Católicas – Elizabeth Fadel

5. Samba do Português – Francisco Medina

6. Insensível – Elizabeth Fadel

7. Nunca se Sabe – Francisco Medina

8. Bolo de Cenoura – Elizabeth Fadel e Mariana Bruekers

9. Polca pra Beth – Francisco Medina

10. Saideira - Elizabeth Fadel e Mariana Bruekers